Main parts, functions and safety requirements of progressive molds

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Main parts, functions and safety requirements of the mold

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1. Working parts The convex and concave molds are working parts that directly form the blank. Therefore, it is a key part on the mold. The convex and concave mold is not only precise but also complex. It should meet the following requirements: (1) It should have sufficient strength to break or break during the stamping process; (2)

It should have appropriate requirements for its materials and heat treatment to prevent the hardness from being too high and brittle.

2. Positioning parts The positioning parts are parts for determining the installation position of the blank, and there are positioning pins (plates), retaining pins (plates), guiding pins, guide plates, fixed side blades, side pressure devices and the like. When designing the positioning parts, it should be considered convenient to operate, there should be no over positioning, and the position should be convenient.

It is best to use forward push positioning, profile positioning and pilot pin positioning.

3. Pressing, unloading and discharging parts Pressing parts have pressure ring, pressure plate and so on.

The beading ring can pressurize the blanking force to prevent the blank from arching under the action of tangential pressure to form wrinkles. The function of the pressure plate is to prevent the blank from moving and bounce. The function of the ejector and the discharge plate is to facilitate the ejection and cleaning of the waste. They are made of springs, rubber

And the air cushion push rod support on the equipment, can move up and down, the ejection member should have sufficient ejection force when designing, and the movement should be limited. The stripper plate should be as small as possible to close the closed area or to mill the empty hand groove in the operating position. A protective plate shall be provided around the exposed discharge plate to prevent

If the finger sticks in or the foreign matter enters, the exposed surface should be blunt.

4. Guide parts Guide posts and guide sleeves are the most widely used guide parts. Its function is to ensure that the convex and concave molds have a precise fit clearance during the stamping work. Therefore, the gap between the guide post and the guide bushing should be smaller than the punching clearance. The guide post is set in the lower die holder to ensure that it is dead under the stroke

At the point, the upper end surface of the guide post is at least 5 to 10 mm above the top surface of the upper template. The guide post should be placed away from the module and the pressure plate so that the operator's arm does not need to feed over the guide column.

5. Supporting and clamping parts It includes upper and lower stencils, mold shanks, convex and concave mold fixing plates, backing plates, stoppers and the like. The upper and lower stencils are the basic parts of the dies, and various other parts are separately mounted and fixed. The plane size of the template, especially the front and rear direction should be related to the part

Adapted to too large or too small is not conducive to operation.

Some molds (falling and punching molds) need to be placed under the mold base for the convenience of the output. At this time, the backing plate is preferably screwed together with the formwork, and the thickness of the two backing plates should be absolutely equal. The spacing of the pads should be based on the output, not too large, so as to avoid the template.


6. Fastening parts It includes screws, nuts, springs, pins, washers, etc., and standard parts are generally used. The standard parts of the stamping die are used in a large amount. When designing, the need of fastening and elastic ejection should be ensured, and the fasteners should be exposed to the surface operation position to prevent the fastener from being exposed.

It hurts the hand and hinders the operation.

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